Perintah Squid Windows

Usage: squid [-hirvzCDFRYX] [-d level] [-s | -l facility] [-f config-file] [-u port] [-k signal] [-n name] [-O command-line]
-d level Write debugging to stderr also.
-f file Use given config-file instead of
-h Print help message.
-i Installs as a Windows Service (see -n option).
-k reconfigure|rotate|shutdown|interrupt|kill|debug|check|parse
Parse configuration file, then send signal to
running copy (except -k parse) and exit.
-n name Specify Windows Service name to use for service operations
default is: Squid.
-r Removes a Windows Service (see -n option).
-s | -l facility
Enable logging to syslog.
-u port Specify ICP port number (default: 3130), disable with 0.
-v Print version.
-z Create swap directories
-C Do not catch fatal signals.
-D Disable initial DNS tests.
-F Don’t serve any requests until store is rebuilt.
-N No daemon mode.
-O options
Set Windows Service Command line options in Registry.
-R Do not set REUSEADDR on port.
-S Double-check swap during rebuild.
-X Force full debugging.
-Y Only return UDP_HIT or UDP_MISS_NOFETCH during fast reload.

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thx atas share gan,,


Congrats bro bLaNkxYs you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...

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