Release Mikrotik 6.0

Pada Tanggal  17-Mai-2013 Mikrotik resmi melakukan Release Mikrotik 6.0 .
Apa saja fitur tambahan atau perubahan Mikrotik 6.0 :

*) ipsec - added /peer passive option which will prevent starting ISAKMP negotiation
and signifies xauth responder/initiator side;
*) RouterBOARD - default wireless config now includes password - serial number;
*) lte - support YOTA WLTUBA-107;
*) console - fixed crash when variable name was not specified for
*) hotspot - added mac-cookie login method;
*) lcd - show a message when system shutdown is complete;
*) lcd - added Log screen which is accessible through the Main Menu
and shows log messages where action=echo;
*) ipsec - added pre-shared-key-xauth and rsa-signature-hybrid authentication methods;
*) increased max l2mtu on CCR to 10226 bytes;
*) fixed crash on RB1200;
*) fixed bonding - did not work after remove, undo;
*) fixed queues - router could become unresponsive when configuring queues;
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